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I wish i could have gone~!

Mar. 12th, 2010 | 03:21 pm

taken from their official myspace:
februar 16, 2010 - tirsdag SuG Tickets Available to Overseas Fans!

[SuG Tickets Available to Overseas Fans!]

Please order you ticket via the following URL.
【Date】2010.5.9 Sunday
【Venue】Akasaka BLITZ
【Time】OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
●Ticket Reservation URL
●Reservation Orders Accepted between
Feb 15th 2010~ Feb 28th 2010

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My computer crashed yesterday D:

Feb. 22nd, 2010 | 11:03 am

Okay, i'm very depressed right now XD

My computer crashed ><Collapse )
...Collapse )

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100 truths about me~!

Feb. 14th, 2010 | 11:52 pm
location: In candyland! with Takeru as president!
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Cherish by SuG


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(no subject)

Feb. 13th, 2010 | 12:26 pm

god i hate LJ!
there's so many problems with it these days! it takes me days to just replay at everything, if it gives me permission to actually read it! *complains*

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(no subject)

Feb. 6th, 2010 | 01:35 pm
mood: happy happy

I may not replay that much, cause my computer wont click on links >>' it works like 2 out of 10 times... guess it's cause of these two trojan horses i had on my computer last week and the worm >> stupid viruses

personal notes!
(not worth reading but i forgets everything, and by putting it up here i know i wont forget)

1. Look up where to use the 's' in the English grammar
2. decide whether or not i want to go on the gymnasium or take 10th grade next year
3. tell education-guide (UU-vejleder) that i need another week to decide
5. Remember not to put an ' between every 'n' and 't' during my next english essay
6. buy SuG CD, kera and arena37
7. something i can't remember
8. call dad to say that i'm gonna visit him
9. Ask if i can borrow johnny's old mp3 player (he broke my old cellphone, so he owes me one XD i mean, who the hell opens beer with a cellphone? XD)

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Got tagged XD

Feb. 4th, 2010 | 08:58 pm
location: Stil in Candyland, with Takeru as president XD
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Candy★Lowpop - by SuG

Yush, got tagged by both apolloniaaa and hana_okashii! plus this is better than homework XD

so here goes 10 Random facts about me ~

1] If possible, i sleep at night, take a nap after school, and another nap again when i get home from sport/work XD
2] I'm an EXTREMELY shy person, with no self-confidence XD
3] I'm addicted to music (seriously, today, my mp3 player broke, and god i thought i was about to die during both school and on my trip into the city XD dunno how to get through the month now XD)
4] I have lots of useless regrets
5] My favorite cap has bunny-ears and a smiling face on it~! i use it almost everyday, cause it makes people around me to smile ^w^
6] I'm half Italian, half Danish
7] I'm really proud that all the english i know by now, i've learned (almost) by myself in two years~!
8] I LOVE to laugh! and thinks that being pessimistic all the time, is no good.
9] When people tells me 'you can't do-----' i often do it, just to show that they're wrong
10] I sleep with a stuffed animal XD

tags the people i can XD:

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(no subject)

Feb. 3rd, 2010 | 07:55 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: GR8 STORY - by SuG

i wan't to write something
just dunno what XD


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standpunktskarakter :3

Nov. 3rd, 2009 | 10:04 pm
location: æhmmm?
mood: working working
music: Golden Wing by AnCafé

okay my german teacher certainly doesn't like me XD
He asked a question in german, (during class) that i didn't quite hear, so i asked him if he wouldn't repeat it, and guess what he answered! "no, i don't think so" and then he continued speaking XD Like wtf?

So well now it's clear that he doesn't want to learn me german either haha so i need to learn it in another way ^^ the problem it just How.
I wondered if a language buddy could help? you know, i learn another person some danish and he/she would learn me some german as well? 

i'm so much going to show him that i can learn without his help! 'MUHAHAHHAAAAHAHAHAHA'

and i need to do something about my english too ^^
i wrote an essay and well
i got about 52 errors XD
and one of them 'cause, of cause he didn't---bla bla bla' XD
well, i wrote it late at night, with a result that wasn't as good as it could be XD
but still pretty many errors no?

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WC Taekwondo

Oct. 16th, 2009 | 10:15 pm
mood: hyper hyper
music: Cherry Saku Yuuki By AnCafé

okay last Wednesday when i took to  WC Taekwondo  i had to get up 04:00 in the morning XD then i traveled by train from 05:45 - 08:45 then i took the bus (and freak the bus is expensive in Copenhagen XP 96.- DKK (about 13 euro) for three persons through 3 zones Oo and in Aarhus you could've done that for half the price (yeah the transport in Denmark is freaking expensive -.-) the taxi was cheaper than the bus XD
Anyway, when we got in the arena the matches had just begun and we found some seats, but they were bad so we decided to get some others ^^
And we got really good seats by then OwO
We could see all 5 courts!
and the audience were awesome! they cheered the best they could!!!
And all the Danes competitors won there first match! But then later all three lost there second match XD
But shit happens and that didn't matter!
But we decided to find new places again cause we got surrounded by Iran people (not that i'm racist and don't like them, but the idiot at the seat before us decided to wave with this big flag so we couldn't see at all XD
But then we got new good seats and just in time to watch Hye-mi Parks first match! YES! (Hye-mi Park is a south Korean competitor ^^ and my idol =3)
It were Korea VS Iceland, first round went by with one point to Iceland, and Hye-mi were pretty passive. But then through second and third round she got about 15 points! OwO

But then she lost the second match to Gwladys Epangue (from france) who won the championship in her weight group ^^ Congratz Gwladys!

Oh and as i mentioned yesterday! Steven Lopez (from USA) sat a new WORLD RECORD: he's the first taekwondo athlete ever to win five world championships consecutively! OwO Besides the five championships, he's double olympic champion as well. OWO

And in the interview he said “You need to learn how to adapt. A true champion will find a way to win no matter what” i'm getting really motivated to do my best too! I myself is a taekwondo fighter and love the sport! and i really want to fight in the World Championships ^^
Maybe i'll one day ^^
Wish Me Luck!

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Home from Copenhagen!

Oct. 15th, 2009 | 11:35 pm

i'm home!
i've been at Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen yesterday (Wednesday 14th) to watch the WC Taekwondo 2009 day one (Women under 67 Men under 80 and Men over 87) *\^w^/*
And Steven Lopez sat a new world record!
i'm going to write about that tomorrow, cause now i'm going to sleep ^^

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